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Recycled materials, polyester, fiberglass

This mineral-toned, biomorphic sculpture is one of the unique specimens belonging to Trashstones, the most renowned and iconic artwork cycle by Wilhelm Mundt. As suggested by the title, the stone is made of trash. The number “036” – in a set that has reached over 700 sculptures – evokes a serial production process, and reflects upon the theme of consumption. The artist realises the sculptures by gathering and recycling the waste produced in his studio: scraps of wood, as well as plastic and packaging materials. After working on these scraps, he obtains the material from which he shapes his sculpture, which he refines with layers of synthetic resin, which is made more resistant by fibreglass. The resulting mass is then polished until the underlying colours emerge again.

Over the course of his study, the German artist modified the appearance of his stones. From the first examples, such as this one, characterised by sober colours, he switched to brighter, livelier tones. More recently, he created a series of stones in shiny, reflective aluminium. The artwork, dated 1991, along with the series it belongs to, reveals an early attention to the theme of recycling and reuse, thus anticipating – as it pertains to art – concepts of sustainability and circular economy. Trashstone 036 invites us to lower ourselves nearer to the ground and explore its shapes and the natural context in which the sculpture is immersed.


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