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Iron, wood, cement, pigments, neon lights, glass, steel cables

The Terminal Outpost is an almost 9-meter-tall installation, a slender structure, thin and airy. Since it wasn’t designed to hold our weight, it is only accessible with our mind’s eye. The Terminal Outpost is an upside-down watchtower for Monowe, an imaginary city conceived by the artist to be inhabited by just one person. Ludovica Carbotta works according to a principle she defines as “fictional site-specificity”: her invented architectures appear in real places and in imaginary contexts. The artist’s central theme is the urban context, and how people establish a relationship with fabricated spaces, both private and public. The artist started to build her city in 2016, with the intention of giving shape to the conditions of solitude and self-isolation, which are typical of contemporary society. During a series of exhibitions the artist built, bit by bit, the pillars of a bridge in Bologna; the Monowe Museum within the halls of the MAXXI Museum, Rome; and a courthouse at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin. She erected her first tower in Graz, Austria, which she subsequently took back to be exhibited at Venice Biennale in 2019. From the docks of the Darsena Novissima, at the Venice Arsenale, Monowe (Terminal Outpost) found its new location at the Art Park. At the foot of the hill of San Licerio, the work becomes a vantage point that spans between the Roero panorama and our mind’s landscapes.


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