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Steel, neon tubes, wire mesh

Flat Earth Visa is a site-specific installation, especially designed for the Park. This was the artwork that inaugurated the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Art Park in September 2019. It is comprised of two sculptures: three satellite dishes pointed towards the sky, and a series of fused steel fences, realised starting from a series of photographs the Canadian artist shot with his iPhone while traveling around the world. The images, converted into CNC files, were then produced using an industrial process for manufacturing steel. In these two works, the artist translates digital processes into sculptural objects: in the first one, he created a shape which reminds us of itineraries between satellites and telecommunication stations on Earth; in the second, he turned digital images of the many fences that divide territories all over the world into tangible objects. These sculptures, which light up in red during the night, provide cues for reflecting upon the flow of Internet’s limitless and digital communication, coexisting with a world made of real walls and imaginary boundaries.


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