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URLO, Guarene


Painted aluminium and LED bulbs, 15 x 1.7 m

In Guarene, hills in the background, a girl screams into a microphone. Together with many other people who live in the village, she responded to the invitation of the art collective Kinkaleri: to be photographed while screaming, outdoors, in the squares and streets. An intense expression of joy or anger, pain, enthusiasm or fright, the scream brings an individual gesture into the public space, transformed by the performance into a collective action. It is a simple gesture, understood by the artists in the sense of a call: a way of making oneself heard, of crossing a distance. 

The artists' invitation was extended to the citizenship by the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in collaboration with the Municipality and the Biblioteca Civica of Guarene. 


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